Welcoming, Compassionate, Loving, Relatable, Great Listener

“You show up in the world as a force for good,  a woman who understands her potential and who does not settle for less than what she deserves. When I first met you, I felt that you were very welcoming and it was clear that you wanted to share your knowledge to better my quality of life. That’s a pretty great first impression, and I know my experience was not singular because my wife felt the same way. I’m sure most of the people you meet have this realization pretty early on in your interaction with them. It’s clear, you’re a compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful person.”      (Lauren K., 10/5/2016)“You showed me a part of myself that I may never have discovered if you hadn’t come into my life. But, that’s just who you are! You pull the goodness out of people without trying. It’s your own kind of magnetism.”  (Lauren K., 10/5/2016)

​”I really appreciate your energy. You bring a light to situations that’s refreshing and genuine. You have a special way of helping me understand complicated things in a way that’s accessible (I’m thinking specifically about the body and chiropractic work!), and it seems to me like you are a natural teacher. You are able to put people at ease, and damn, woman! You own your own business! That’s totally badass. 🙂 Your drive and your confidence are something I strive for in my work!” (Anne O., 10/14/2016)

“So Much Positivity!!  You not only address the concerns brought to you but also listen to the feelings behind the physical issue.  Your genuine sincerity when talking through things brings about peace and encouragement in an otherwise stressful situation.  Specifically, you listen (you are sometimes my therapist :D) and are willing to share some of your own personal experiences to help put things in perspective.”  (Kristilen B,. 10/13/2016)

Friendly, Fun, Bubbly, Genuine, Uplifting Personality

“You have the gift of gab lol. Actually it’s  a blessing because you make everyone feel comfortable and like you’ve known them for years. Super optimistic. Always trying to help and make people feel better.”   (Allison R., Oct 2016)“You are empathetic, you listen, you are relatable.  You are authentically you. You have an amazing energy of positivity and optimism. Without fail, you make me laugh just by being who you are – and no, I’m not laughing AT you.  You just make me smile.  Every time I see you, I leave your office in a better mood than when I came in.”  (Payton C., 10/12/2016)

​“You seem to have the ability to always smile and laugh, bringing a bit of sunshine into the room.” (Emily K., 10/14/2016)

“I appreciate that you are positive and supportive. You are knowledgeable in your field – you always try to help me solve a problem when I ask you for help. I always think that a positive attitude is the best thing a person can have. And I’ve never seen you unhappy or complaining. :)”  (Loren H., 10/17/2016)

Knowledgable, Experienced, Honest, Exceptional Doctor, Logically-Driven

I appreciate that you offer additional tips and tricks beyond treatment, sometimes at the end of sessions, but also through your newsletters. I appreciate that you empathize with your clients. I appreciate that you are easy to connect with and that you often have your clients laughing throughout their sessions. You bring laughter, groundedness, education, and understanding to situations. I think your greatest gift is to connect with people. You are able to get people to laugh even when they’ve had a hard day. You make your clients feel cared for.” (Natasha R., 10/12/2016)“Your gifts would have to be your honesty (wearing your emotions on your sleeves), your continual quest for knowledge which continues to make you a better person, business woman and practitioner. Your personal touch in your treatments is great as well.” (Kegan Bower, Local Massage Therapist, 10/16/2016)

“You bring a great deal of empathy to your working relationship with me.  You are eager to want to help me improve my situation for me but honest about what you can’t do.”  (Janessa B., 10/14/2016)

“You are high energy, goal driven, and task accomplishing. You are highly organized (color coordinated) and are open to improvement. You are caring and driven. You bring energy and perspective to situations. You do a good job of understanding big concepts and are able to break them down to digestible chunks. for others. Organization also applies to this category. You have a desire to improve yourself and as a result the lives of those you work with.”  (Rich B., Local Chiropractor, 10/6/2016)

“Dr. Amanda, you have the ability to see the big picture and then break it down into manageable parts. For instance, when you tackle a situation, whatever it is, you have the ability to take a large task and make it manageable. As a doctor, I see you immediately intuitively know what your patient needs, a soft voice, advice on how to get to a better place, either emotionally or physically and your patients love you for this skill, as I do!”  (Judi B., 10/3/2016)

Kind, Open, Vulnerable, Empathetic, Engaging, Understanding

“Your willingness to really listen to the whole person and not just the issue brought to you is so refreshing.  From my personal experience you have gone above and beyond in helping me to address whatever physical issues I have faced.  You utilize the team of people and resources around you to give the best care possible instead of trying to figure it out all on your own.  That shows tremendous strength and a true caring personality.”   (Kristilen B., 10/13/2016)“You bring out a sense of peace in situations. Last year when I miscarried and came to see you, you created an environment of peace and made me feel like everything was going to be ok (and it sure was!). I will always remember that.” (Heather R., 10/12/2016)

“I appreciate how welcoming and warm you are, making it easy to talk to you and feel comfortable in your presence. In addition, it’s clear that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your work. You seem to have the ability to always smile and laugh, bringing a bit of sunshine into the room. I appreciate your dedication and genuine enthusiasm for chiropractic work and caring for other people, and your warm personality.”  (Emily K., 10/19/2016)

“Your ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable in your presence is priceless. You look at the whole person/situation instead of what is simply brought to you which enables you to come up with big picture solutions instead of “band-aid” quick fixes.” (Kristilen B., 10/13/2016)

Intuitive, Present, Genuine, Validating, Generous

“You are very innately connected to mamas and babies. You have a way about you that makes me feel like you know more about what my body is feeling and needs than I do. You are very smart and I can tell how dedicated you are to what you do which I think is what makes you so successful.”  (Heather R., 10/12/2016)“I appreciate your communication with me regarding patients. Many times I end up seeing a patient of someone else’s and having to play along that I talked to the provider. That does not happen with you and I feel much more prepared because of it. I think you are an amazing public speaker. You have a lot of confidence and are able to talk to anyone. Your greatest gift is that you are genuine. I can feel your enthusiasm and passion with people regarding their health.” (Tess Y., Local Acupuncturist, 10/17/2016)

“I appreciate your willingness to help out others and provide support. You are kind, open, vulnerable, and energetic. You have genuine caring and compassion for others. You have a way of making others feel safe and welcomed. And the work you do for your patients is awesome, to be able to provide hope, relieve pain, and help bring about a new ‘norm’/option for how your patients inhabit their body.”  (Emily W., 10/14/2016)

“Amanda, you are always cheerful and friendly. You are always a good listener and always patient. Your willingness to do research for a patient is very helpful and I admire your desire to learn. I would say your greatest gifts are, your happy, upbeat personality and love of life. You are fun to be with and a good role model of how to live life.”  (Lois J., 10/18/2016)

My Reviews from Genbook

Dr. Amanda Makes Healing Easy
Dr. Amanda conveys healing encouragement by providing a completely safe and trustworthy environment, by providing expert adjustments where needed, while offering an upbeat perspective for whole and natural healing. Initially she helped get my body back in alignment, and then helped me move forward with holistic solutions involving some changes in diet, movement and exercises. There is no better investment for my continued good health and fitness!    
    -Mary L.    6/10/2015
Pleasant Learning Experience!
I had a great experience at Boulder family chiropractic. This was my first time ever at any chiropractic office. Dr. Amanda was really nice to me and taught me everything I need to know about what was going to happen with the adjustments so I was comfortable with it. The whole atmosphere was really nice and relaxing and made me want to go back. She gave me some things to do at home so my body can stay balanced. I will definitely be going back !
-Jeffrey C.    1/17/2016
Dr. Amanda is amazing!!!
I have been seeing Dr. Amanda for prenatal care for a few months now, and she’s been able to address all the aches and pains that have arisen in the normal course of pregnancy (in addition to addressing TMJ problems I’ve had for over a decade). I love the work she’s done for me, but I was especially amazed that she connected well with my husband – a skeptic of chiropractic care. She was able to address sources of long term pain and injury and has him excited to come back!    
    -Michelle M. ​   6/3/2015
Feeling better and very educated!
I have had issues with plantar fasciitis for about four years, spent eight months and about $2k in chiropractic care and massages. After seeing Dr. Amanda for three adjustments and understanding about my legs and feet I felt better than I had in years. She has a real passion for helping people get better and teaching along the way. I wish I would have found her sooner. Thank you so much Dr. Amanda!
-Gloria J.    5/24/2015
Wonderful experience with Dr Amanda
Dr Amanda has been incredible! She took the time to get to know me and to address all my questions and fears related to chiropractic treatment. Her treatments have been so helpful, addressing both complaints that have arisen since pregnancy began and long term issues with equal success. I’d recommend her to anyone!
     -Melissa M.    5/14/2015
Caring and Friendly
I had my first visit with Dr. Amanda on 8/7 after a very long, stressful day. She was attentive and easy to talk to. I left feeling so much more grounded. She does great work!I’m excited for my next visit.
    -Natasha R.    8/11/2015
Thorough, caring chiropractic care
Dr. Amanda is a knowledgable and caring chiropractor who takes time with her clients. She really listened to my concerns and listened to what my body said as well (muscle testing and feeling my alignment). Her adjustment was effective and the results were immediate. What a gift to pregnant and postpartum mamas!
    -Faith D.    4/26/2015

Awesome visit on 7/27
I had an amazing first visit with Dr. Amanda last week! She is attentive, easy to talk to and my body felt great after the adjustment and massage techniques. Excited to return weekly to ensure the health and alignment of my body for the remainder of pregnancy and beyond!
    -Adeline H.    8/2/2015
Gentle, integrative and effective care
Dr. Amanda gives the most thorough intake session that I have ever experience with a chiropractor. I felt so heard and understood, and it’s obvious that her questions lead to a higher quality adjustment. She really understand the whole body, and how my ankles are effecting my hips and shoulders, and visa versa. She gives gentle and effective adjustments, and also gives me stretches and postures to practice in between sessions. Highly recommend!
    -Lily C.    4/23/2015
Gentle but very effective!
Dr Amanda has been my chiropractor for many years. She is gentle and I always leave feeling fantastic Always look forward to my visits with her!.
    -Judi B.   4/13/2015
Amazing touch, Highly recommended!
Dr. Amanda evaluated me from a complete overall health stand point and eliminated my headaches on the first visit. I had no idea how the spine worked as a circuitry system, that must be aligned properly to let the body heal its self in every area. She uses an amazing blend of essential oils to work her magic and I feel completely centered and amazing every time I visit.
    -Mitch R.    4/11/2015

My reviews from Yelp


​​Wow. I am so happy that I found Dr. Amanda. I have only seen her once (with my first follow up appointment today), but I am excited to go see her. Dr. Amanda explained to me what habits I have in my daily life that are affecting me, and showed me exactly what is happening in my body because of those bad habits, as well as what occurs with people who like me sit at a desk all day long. I have seen one other chiropractor in my lifetime that did the adjustments when I could barely move, but didn’t explain to me why it kept happening.

I 100% recommend Dr. Reiss for anyone that may be nervous about going to the chiropractor, and know that going to her not just when you feel the pain, but just for  “maintenance” is so beneficial. In my last visit we went over some of my medical history, (migraines, bad menstrual cramping, pain and stiffness sometimes in my neck, all of these things are things that she is able to work on, and fix.

I do not mean to ramble but I am very impressed with my experience, and if you are looking for a good Chiropractor in the front range, come see Dr. Reiss, she makes me feel excited to come in, knowing that it will get me feeling better each time.
-Hillary M.     1/26/2016

Dr. Amanda has a great style that has had an enormously positive impact on my life!  She is very informed, and gets results!
     -Hannah D.   1/13/2016

My reviews from Facebook


An Excellent Choice!!
Dr. Amanda has the kindest, most effective healing practice I’ve ever known. She asked very thorough questions and explained the science behind her practice at my first appointment. The adjustments have helped regulate my digestion, emotional balance, and monthly cycle. I have had an amazing decrease in my neck and shoulder pain (chronic for 3 years before Dr. Amanda) and I have more flexibility than I thought possible. Life is good with a solid, patient focused doc like her. PS my only other chiropractic experience was with *the j@!nt* and I’ve since realized the importance of working with a single provider and developing a custom treatment plan. It is so worth the money to go to the expert- don’t skimp when it comes to your spine!
     -Lauren K.    ​5/30/2015


​Dr. Amanda I have to thank you for my energy in the mornings. Your alignments have helped me SO MUCH and I now sleep without pain and wake up feeling energized and I’m drinking lots of water- I hear your warm voice reminding me to stay hydrated with this sticker on my bottle. Thank you! See you soon!
-Lauren King, Facebook Message from 12/23/2015

Her reviews from around the office

Dr. Amanda is a great choice
“Dr. Amanda is seriously wonderful- I’ve never felt such a complete adjustment before. I can’t find it anywhere else! Thank you!
     -Kristen C.I feel so much better after seeing Dr. Amanda!
I felt so much better after even my first adjustment. Last week I had pain in both my arms, my neck and my back. Today I feel only a little bit of stiffness when I look down. It’s amazing! I think everyone should see Dr. Amanda!!
     -Sarah L. 

Very helpful, I learned so much!
I never realized how all the parts of the body were connected together before. I used to think I just had neck pain- now I know my brain needs to talk to my body for me to be healthy. It makes so much sense now. I get regular adjustments and not only are my pains gone, but I just feel better- I AM better. Thanks!
     -Laura R. ​