My Credentials, Biography, and Personality Profile​

Professional Credentials

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Life University College of Arts and Sciences – 2008
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University College of Chiropractic – 2008
  • Licensed by the Colorado Board of Chiropractic – 2012 to present
  • Licensed by the Georgia Board of Chiropractic – 2008 to 2012
  • Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association – 2006 to present
  • Webster Technique Certified by the ICPA – 2007 to present
  • Member of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance – 2015 to present
  • Member of the American Pediatric Association – 2015 to present
  • Completed over 200 postgraduate hours of Perinatal and Pediatric Chiropractic Education from the ICPA – 2007 to present
  • Cranialsacral 1 Certified by the Upledger Institute- Feb 2018
  • Reiki 1 Certified via Usui Reiki Ryoho Method – Oct 2018
  • Founder of the Boulder Valley Women’s Collective- Feb 2019


I live in Erie with my partner Tom and our two kitties- Cassie and Nimitz. Tom and I both love to create art in our free time, from acrylic to watercolor and everything in between.

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2003 to become a Chiropractor and lived in the deep south for nearly 10 years. Although I enjoyed the warm weather and rich culture, the heavy traffic and unhealthy lifestyle had me looking for a new home.

I relocated to Boulder County in July of 2011 and have enjoyed every season since, especially winter. I adore the community feeling of our little town, and absolutely LOVE how much health is a priority here.

I’d previously been known as a “crunchy granola” lady in the East, as my lifestyle included yoga, clean healthy eating, whole foods, ample water and introspection. Here in Boulder County I feel at peace, surrounded by those who share my values, and I am so, so grateful to call our community my home.

Personality Profiles

Over the years I’ve learned I work best with like-minded clients. If you’re interested in personality profiles, the links above might tell you all you need to know about if we are a good fit professionally.

I’m silly, quirky, and full of stories. I prefer to use analogies and real words to explain things, vs. fancy medical terms, because everyone deserves to understand what’s going on. I’m a real person and do my best to be my authentic self. If this sounds good to you, I’d love to connect!