My Mission

To empower women invested in their own well-being and encourage self-love through compassionate awareness.

My Vision

To awaken and teach body awareness by reflecting our deep inner knowing and sharing a safe space for conscious growth. To inspire a generation of awakened self-healers through chiropractic, lifestyle changes and active listening.

My Core Values

  • Encourage active listening with wisdom, love and acceptance from within a supportive safe space.
  • Provide realistic lifestyle suggestions and allow clients to choose their own session schedule based on their unique needs.
  • Inspire consistent growth and provide only the next steps at each session to encourage clarity and support client success.
  • Teach mind-body reconnection by slowly bringing awareness to the bodyu2019s soft signals and developing a will to listen and respect our bodyu2019s messages.
  • Connect how physical pain is directly affected by our lifestyle behaviors and can be prevented when body awareness and positive choices are made consciously.
  • Accept clients for where they are now and provide gentle encouragement for future growth free of judgement from past choices.
Thank you for reading- now let's connect!

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