Healthcare truly is an investment.

It makes complete sense that you’ve found this page. Believe me, whenever I’m checking out a new provider, I look for their session and pricing structures too. That’s why I’ve created a clear and transparent session list, complete with information about Initial visits, Returning sessions, monthly plan offerings and and information about insurance reimbursement. 

Longer sessions, Less often

In my experience, a quick “in and out” adjustment doesn’t tend to last very long, forcing you to return multiple times per week to keep your body feeling its best. To help resolve this issue, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes with each client, and most clients opt for the longer 60 – 90 minute sessions.

My average session time is 60 minutes and includes a brief consultation, a detailed full-body Chiropractic Adjustment and other therapies such as Massage, Deep Tissue Heat Laser Therapy, and Habit Coaching as needed. By addressing tight muscles, fixated joints, and unhealthy habits, I am better able to provide lasting change and improvement.

Session types available

  • New Client Consultation
    Online, 30 minutes

    An online consultation is required for all prospective new clients as of as an initial evaluation of client care needs and suitability for care. This provides both the Client and Doctor an opportunity to discuss the most pressing needs for care, previous treatments/results, and overall desired outcomes. 

  • Initial Evaluation and Treatment
    In-person, 60-90 minutes
    Initial sessions include a health history review, examination, goal setting and an initial Chiropractic treatment. Clients who are new to Chiropractic care, those with complicated medical histories or multiple levels of pain are strongly encouraged to select the longer session time.

  • Returning Client Sessions
    In-person, 30-90 minutes
    Returning sessions may include Chiropractic, Massage, Deep Tissue Heat Laser Therapy, Healthy Habit Coaching, Craniosacral, Reiki and so much more. Each session will be customized to fit a client’s needs on that day.

Monthly Plans Available

These plans are ideal for a client who knows their desired session frequency. They provide a consistency in healthcare budgeting, the convenience of autopay and a discount for being a monthly plan member. It’s easy to enroll, plans can be modified month-to-month to accommodate changing care needs and can be cancelled anytime. Please contact me directly about enrolling in monthly plans, so I can help you find the plan that best fits your current needs.

    Seeking Insurance Reimbursement

    Over the past decade, I’ve realized if I want to provide the elevated standard of card my clients deserve, I can no longer accept insurance directly. Due to the rising healthcare costs in recent years, insurances have reduced provider reimbursement to the point where most professionals are forced to spend the least amount of time with each client possible to maintain overhead costs, often with less than 5 minutes for each session.

    After working in that model for many years with much frustration, I finally made the decision to be out of network and to refrain from submitting insurance directly so that I can spend the time my clients need to achieve lasting results.

    Detailed Session Receipts

    I am more than happy to provide you with an detailed/itemized receipt for each session (often referred to as a “Superbill” in medical circles) which you can submit to you insurance for direct reimbursement. 

    Depending on your unique insurance plan and deductible, you may be entitled to a check from your insurance company for a portion, if not all, of your session cost.

    Providing Specialized Care

    Because I am out of network, I completely understand that I am not the ideal fit for all clients seeking care. As I specialize in Women’s Health and Pelvic Issues, it is my mission to provide excellence in care for those who need me the most. If you are only looking for a “quick crack” that lasts 3 minutes and costs $20, might I suggest another provider. However if you are seeking true change that will completely revolutionize the way you experience your own body, feel free to give me a chance. It is absolutely, truly, worth the investment.