In this rush and bustle life that we life, we rarely get the chance to “stop and smell the roses”. Today’s thunderstorms made me realize how important it is to listen to the world and delight in the joy of the rain. The smell of fresh damp earth, the sound of heavy raindrops hitting the pavement, the color of the clouds as they bloom with dark purples, greys and navys- it is all beautiful and usually missed.

We are often rushed by the perceived needs of our day- errands, job tasks, emails, texts, facebook… we have been taught that these are the important things in life.

In reality, mother nature has been moving the seasons for so many millenia that man is but a speck on her radar. In truth, the rainstorm has more permanence than any text, email or phone call could ever hope to have.

On the bright side, science is beginning to show truth to what the Buddhists have known for eons- mindfulness is the key to vitality. Gratitude for the now is what keeps us young, happy and full of love. 

So let that email wait just a moment. Return that text a little later. Grab someone you love and head outside into the rain. At the very least let the world pause for a moment and take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Breathe in that damp heady scent. Take in the lush verdant views. Experience the now, and savor the moment.  For we all know deep down, that one day, even after all the technology is gone… we will still have the rain. 

From the Author

♥ I love and adore all of you. Thank you for reading my words on this day. I hope they inspired you to enjoy the moments of your life just a little bit more.