Let me guess- you’re tired. When you wake up, in the middle of the day, in the afternoon, ugh the bed pillows are calling you. Yep, I get it. Me too. That’s why I NEVER let myself run out of this supplement.

Breaking it down: Fat vs. Water Soluble Vitamins

We all know about the alphabet vitamins- A, B, C, D, E… but what you may not realize is that every time you pee you are losing your water soluble vitamins. Certain vitamins and minerals stay in our bodies via our fat cells- they are fat soluble vitamins. They live in our fat (and thus we rarely run out of those bad boys).Water soluble vitamins live in our water (read: pee, blood, lymph, etc.) Soooo every time you hit the bathroom you are throwing away your water soluble vitamins. Get it? 

Vitamins B, C and Selenium are water soluble. They are also incredibly important to your daily life, and especially your energy. If you’re losing these, you’re probably feeling pretty terrible. Therefore…. supplement with them (and get a really, really nice one) and you will be feeling F-ing amazing all the live long day. Seriously.

What are B Vitamins, and why do I need them?

B vitamins are actually a whole complex, with 12 as the crown jewel.  Together they enrich your brain, heart, eyes and nerves. As a Chiropractor I absolutely LOVE IT when my clients take B supplements!!! It seriously increases their healing speed, reduces fatigue and elevates health overall. 

What are the “B”s…. Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Panthothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Methylcobalmin (B12) and Biotin (sometimes called B7). No there is no B4 and I have no idea why. Also WTF happened to B8-11? Also a mystery. But you don’t need to know the deets of these individual vitamins, just take them together as a fabulous B complex.

The benefits of B Vitamins

  • Stress/Mood:
    • Boosts Energy Levels and reduces fatigue- B1, B3, B6, B12
    • Reduces depression and anxiety – B1, B3, B5, B7
    • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation- B1, B3, B5, B7
    • Enhances sleep patterns for restful sleep- B12
  • Focus and Recovery:
    • Enhances memory and learning- B3, B12
    • Protects the body from the effects of Alcohol, Caffeine and Smoking- B1
    • Needed for blood cell production- B1, B2
    • Helps relieve eye fatigue- B2
  • Immune Booster:
    • Antioxidant, “Cancer immunity”-type effect- B1, B6
    • Enhances the nervous system- B3, B6
    • Boosts the Immune system and antibody production- B5, B6
    • Helps reduce effects of Asthma and Allergies- B6
  • Aids in Digestion
    • ​Helps break down fats, carbs and proteins- B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7
    • Can help the body recover from Diabetes- B1
  • Enhances Organ Function:
    • Helps with blood circulation and heart health- B3
    • Can help prevent Anemia/blood disorders- B3, B5, B7, B12
    • Can help prevent heart disease and stroke- B12
  • Regulates Hormones:
    • Reduces the effects of PMS and infertility- B6, B12
    • Brings Oxygen to the skin, hair and nails- B2, B7
    • Needed to produce sex hormones- B3
    • Can reverse hair loss!!!- B7
  • Supports the Brain and Nervous System:
    • Can help relieve carpal tunnel (wrist) pain- B2, B6
    • Can help slow Parkinson’s Disease, MS and Bell’s Palsy- B12
    • Reduces muscle pain- B6, B7, B12

My Favorite B Vitamin Supplement Ever: Now Foods “Ultra B12”

This baby really packs a punch! It’s available in liquid form for supah fast absorption.

  • Having a rough morning? Take one 1-2 doses right after you wake up. 
  • Crashing in the afternoon? Take another dose for that much needed pick-me-up.
  • Going out for a night of drinking? Take 1-2 doses before you drink and be sure to take more whenever you get back home. (When in doubt, bring some with you :D)
  • Pulling an all-nighter for work or school? Take 1 dose before your study sesh and keep your focus all the way to the final chapter.
  • Heading to the Gym for a killer workout? Take 1 dose before you go to stave off that B vitamin loss when you sweat and shed water weight.
  • Need energy for any reason at all? Yeah, you guessed, take this shit (lol)

It’s available in most health food stores for around $15 and is often on sale for $10ish. In Boulder you can find it at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage and Alfalfa’s (and some King Soopers, but it’s not guaranteed).

Be CERTAIN to buy the 4oz amber glass bottle- because the 2oz bottle is actually something else. Yes, they are labeled almost exactly the same. It’s annoying. Get the 4oz, the smaller bottle has only one vitamin in it (B12) and you really really do need the whole complex.

Why I recommend this unique blend:

The Ultra B12 by Now Foods (ONLY the 4oz bottle) contains 100-250% of most of the B Vitamins, plus 500% of your needed B5 + B6 and a whopping 83,333% of your daily B12. No- that was not a typo. This bottle is super potent!!!

Oh and before you ask/freak out, YES it is 100% okay to take that much B12. It’s water soluble, so you’re just going to pee out anything your body cannot use. ***Note*** Your pee may be bright yellow or orange if you took a ton and didn’t use much of it. Never fear, those are your excess B’s leaving your body 🙂 It’s all okay.

The best way to take liquid Vitamin B12

Because of the way your body uses B vitamins to break down carbohydrates, they are actually absorbed fastest through the blood vessels in your mouth. What does this mean? It means please DO NOT just swallow the liquid dose instantly. You just reduced your body’ absorption by a whole hell of a lot. Don’t do that. There is a better way.

  1. ​Unscrew the cap and squeeze the dropper to draw up a full dropperful amount
  2. PLEASE be aware this liquid is BRIGHT RED so no white pants/white countertops, be aware and avoid a huge mess. 
  3. Tip your head back and empty the dropper into your mouth. Bonus points if you get it under your tongue.
  4. DO NOT SWALLOW and wait at least 30 seconds. Ideally you would wait 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Don’t worry it tastes just fine (thank you Stevia!) so just do something else and count to at least 30 before you swallow the liquid.
  5. Enjoy the amazing energy boost 😀

By holding the liquid in your mouth you are literally mainlining those B vitamins directly into your bloodstream and quickly to your brain. Personally I notice results in barely 10 minutes, but it is passive and not like a crazy energy drink. You’re going to subtly function better and realize hours later that the slump you normally feel never happened. In fact, you feel pretty damn awesome all around. 


Dr. Amanda Simone is a Women’s Health Chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado. She loves empowering her clients to build healthier lives with simple solutions to everyday problems. Her favorite clients are those who desire to grow, learn and change for the better no matter their age or condition.