This is such an excellent, and very important question! Between the modern media and local gossip, it can be confusing to know the answer to this question. Since there are so many great questions out there- here are some of the answers!

Q: Are Chiropractors only for people who have been in car accidents?

A: Not at all! It is true that anyone suffering from a trauma such as a motor vehicle accident can greatly benefit from seeing a chiropractor. The condition known as whiplash can be created by very low-impact accidents, many times from speeds as low as 10-15 mph. The truth is, many people can benefit from chiropractic care, from infants with colic to the elderly with stiffness and difficulty moving their joints, and everyone in between.

Q: Wait a minute- did you say infants and the elderly? Is an adjustment gentle enough for those two delicate age groups?

A: Absolutely! Chirorpactors are trained to modify their art based on the individual needs of each patient, and to treat each person with care. Females tend to naturally be more gentle as we posess the nurturing spirit, but many male chirorpactors are extraordinarily successful with all patient types. Personally I have attended several seminars and extra classes on pediatrics, geriatrics and care for pregnant mothers. For the very best results, choose a doctor who has specialized in the type of care you wish to receive. For example, some chirorpactors focus on sports injuries while others keep a focus on familes, such as myself.

Q: Can chiropractic adjustments help someone with chronic pain or a long-term disease?

A: Specific adjustments can greatly improve the quality of life in those with chronic and terminal diseases. Conditions of a more superficial nature such as back stiffness, sciatica or carpal tunnel can be relieved in a relatively short amount of time. Sufferers with a severe chronic disease tend to feel both physical and visceral relief after a series of treatments, but should consider adjustments as palliative care only. In some cases a patient may be able to control their disease and reduce symptoms with a combination of adjustments, exercise and nutritional changes. As always, a Chiropractor will never recommend a change in prescription but instead suggest you consult a doctor specializing in medicinal drug use, such as your general practitioner.

Q: Where can I find a chiropractor?

A: There are many great resources when searching for a chiropractor. Use your specific need as a guide, focusing in on a few key words. Athletes should seek out a “Sports” chiropractor. When considering bringing children in for a spinal checkup, seeking out a “Family” or “Pediatric” chiropractor is a safe bet. The ICPA (see below) is a great reference for quality pediatric and pregnancy-based treatment. Google maps can actually be a great resource, searching for “chiropractor” near your house. Placing a simple phone call to the office and asking “What type of Chirorpactic do you perform, and who is your average client?” will go a long way. A simple visit to the office in question will reveal much- and always go with your gut instinct! It is important to enjoy the office you choose. Happy hunting!

Here are some websites for review:

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
-A great resource for parents!
-Click on “Find a Doctor” to search in your area
The Council on Extremity Adjusting
-A great site for Athletes
-These doctors focus on adjusting the arms and legs

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